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Whether you seek to improve your health, your mind-body connection or your spiritual self, Yoga affords many avenues to accomplish your goals. You can practice Yoga on any or all of those levels. Many people practice Yoga for weight loss as well.

You will find articles to cover a range of topics -- from the general and basic yoga concepts -- to the variety of Yoga types and practices for beginners and beyond.

Yoga is not a religion, it is a means to heal, connect, refresh and rejuvenate -- as well as to tone and trim excess pounds from your body. Used as form of relaxation and meditation or healing..... if one so chooses, Yoga can can also lead to enlightened spirituality..and a healthier, happier You! "

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In addition to tips and information on this site covering Yoga positions, techniques, Yoga styles, equipment and clothing you may want to consider for exercise, weight loss, meditation and relaxation --

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Our hope is that your visit will afford you an enlightened understanding of Yoga, its many fascinating facets, and its astounding benefits to your health and well-being!

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  • To investigate Yoga for exercise:


  • To put yourself in the Proper Mood - check out:


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