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      Good Yoga Posture - Learn Some Simple Yoga Poses - Part I


      Learning how to attain good yoga posture will help you continue with your yoga practice.

      Learning basic good posture habits from the very beginning is tantamount to your enjoyment, the maximum results from your efforts, and will help assure you continue with your yoga lifestyle.

      Yoga not only fine tunes your balance, it also assists you to develop calm, makes your
      body more elastic to accomplish its full possible range of movement, and it builds up the strength in all areas of your body.

      Chomping at the bit to get started on your new Yoga Lifestyle?!

      Instructions for a sample exercise for the eight different types of yoga poses follow. Be
      sure to focus on proper placement of your body parts highlighted, breathing, and proper holds and release.




      An Advisory


      Before we begin with your yoga instruction, however, it goes without saying, that if you have any health conditions that are or should be seen by a doctor, do so before attempt-
      ing yoga moves or any type of exercise. And please use common sense -- undue pain
      is not gain

      Do not perform Yoga Poses which reach beyond your capabilities. Some discomfort may be expected during an exercise regimen when your muscles and body aren't accustomed
      to certain ranges of motions, contractions or extensions. But pain is another story.

      Yoga is not a competition. It is a personal connection between you and your own body
      with your mind and spirit. What others are able to accomplish should be of no conse-quence to you...except for joy of celebration with them. There is no standard pace expected. What is right for your body is the right pace for you!

      If you push yourself too fast or too far, you can injure yourself, which is counter to your goal, and you are likely to abandon any further attempt to practice what millions have
      found to be their life saver.

      It is tantamount that you listen to your body...and what is is telling you...and know your-
      self and your limits. Don't be in a rush to move on to the next level. Learn each move well..give your body its rightful due in moving itself to its next level of strength.

      You will be reaping the benfits of your yoga practice from the beginning and notice more and more the strides you are making. And proper performance and smart performance of your yoga regimens will allow you to have FUN with them! And that's a wonderful benefit in itself!

      That said, let's move on ...and start the fun!


      Go to Part II - Good Yoga Posture - Learn Some Simple Yoga Poses































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