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" Exploring Yoga! "


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"Exploring Yoga!"

This 5- part eCourse describes specific benefits you will derive from your yoga practice, types of yoga exercises, the 6 main types of yoga, how addictions can be remedied with yoga --and more! This is a FREE course with no obligation and will be delivered instantly to your email box upon registration!


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  • Yoga is often misunderstood in spite of the fact that nearly everyone on the planet "knows" about it! Many believe yoga to be a religion or simply an unusual series of contorted positions that will, perhaps, turn you into a pretzel! And nothing could be further from the truth!
  • Yoga is actually a science, its many healthy benefits discovered and developed by observant and enlightened Yogis thousands of years ago, and through time, into programs of practices, poses, techniques and postures that serve to unite the body with mind and spirit. Modern science is at last "catching up" and able to provide proof of the basis for the healing elements that Yoga provides.
  • Yoga in these modern times is most often used for its physical healing benefits, weight loss and weight maintenance. The practice of Yoga is also utilized to conquer addictions, bad habits, behaviorial issues and far more! The practice of yoga often delights with additional unexpected positives that manifest in every area of life!
  • This course will help enlighten you to the innumerable valuable effects and benefits that Yoga can bring into your Life.





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